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Church Life

As a new church Crosspoint Church is being very deliberate about developing its church life. It is early days yet and we're getting there. However, we are growing into an authentic Christian community that is united in their love of Jesus and is clear about their mission to be serve the B43 area where the church is based. 

Since the launch of our pioneer church on 3 May 2015, we have had many events that allow us to share christian fellowship, celebrate life milestones and at the same time, have fun doing all of the above. We have many more events planned for 2016.

Some of our more adventurous members at the top of a Malvern hill
October 2015

Maya  Colin Marriage Blessing

Colin and Maya's Marriage Blessing Service at Crosspoint
Sunday 14 February 2016

Please keep checking our website to see the events planned for the year.